November 1, 2016

Who We Are


The Ghana Railway Development Authority was established pursuant to the Railway Act 2008 to further the Government of Ghana’s strategy for the railway sector.  We provide regulatory oversight over the rail sector, and our role is to guide the development and operations of stakeholders towards an efficient railway sector in Ghana.


To lead and develop the Rail transportation system, in partnership with industry players, and to enable the safe, reliable, environmental-friendly and efficient movement of people and goods for a strong Ghana.


Ghana’s rail transportation will deliver safety, performance and efficiency equivalent to the best comparable in the world within the next decade

Our Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY – Being accountable to our stakeholders and to the nation in the execution of the mandate and responsibilities bestowed upon the Authority.

INNOVATION & EXCELLENCE – We are committed to bringing innovative ideas and creating new and better ways of doing things

INTEGRITY – Being exemplary in our behaviour and acting with honesty and integrity in all our transactions.

PROFESSIONALISM – Adopting an approach that demonstrates professionalism in competency, character, attitude, and conduct.

OUR PEOPLE – We are committed to building and supporting our employees

TEAM WORK – Upholding teamwork and collaboration in order to realize the synergies of working together.

FAIRNESS – Being fair in all dealings with consumers, service providers and the other stakeholders and discharge our duties with neutrality and impartiality, without fear or favour.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – We consider all social factors in our dealings and earnestly contribute towards the greater good of our country