As part of efforts to enhance the capacity of Board Members and Staff, the Management of the Ghana Railway Development Authority organized training programs for Board members and Staff of the Organization on 7th and 8th September, 2023.

The training took place in two separate venues where staff were divided according to their training needs. Those who were selected for the program received training as follows:

1. The CEO, Deputy CEO, members of the Board, and some staff were trained in public financial management and how to build a strong corporate identity and image at Susanna Lodge in Accra.

2. Another group was trained in developing work plans, charting accounts, and more at Adenta Institute of Accountancy.

The training equipped staff with skills for effectively managing the organization’s finances, building a strong corporate identity and image, interacting with the public, and utilizing electronic and print media to showcase what the Ghana Railway Development Authority (GRDA) represents. It also highlighted on how we can utilize the media to share our achievements as an organization with our stakeholders and how our activities would benefit our stakeholders and Ghanaians in general.

This comprehensive approach to staff training is likely to contribute to GRDA’s success and have a positive impact on stakeholders and the broader Ghanaian community.