In a bid to protect the significant investments in Ghana’s railway infrastructure, Yaw Owusu, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Railway Development Authority, has made a passionate appeal to citizens to protect the railway lines from theft.

Speaking exclusively to Adom News, Mr. Owusu highlighted the substantial financial commitment the government has made to develop the railway sector.

However, he said the theft of metals from the rail lines, which are then sold as scraps is posing a severe threat to the progress of the sector.

The recurrent theft incidents have prompted the Ghana Railway Development Authority to take decisive measures. Plans are underway to initiate fencing along the railway lines, coupled with the implementation of CCTV surveillance to monitor and deter potential thieves.

Mr. Owusu emphasized the urgency of collective responsibility, stating that the public’s assistance is crucial in ensuring the success of these protective measures.

He underscored the detrimental impact of such thefts on the development of the railway sector and urged Ghanaians to view the railway infrastructure as a national asset.

To address the issue comprehensively, Mr. Owusu called on the security agencies to actively collaborate in apprehending and prosecuting individuals involved in the theft of railway metals.

The concerted efforts of both the public and law enforcement are deemed essential to secure the railways, allowing the ongoing development projects to proceed unhindered.

As Ghana envisions a modernized and efficient railway network, the call to action from the CEO resonates as a plea for unity and vigilance to protect a vital component of the nation’s progress.