The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Railway Development Authority, Yaw Owusu, has debunked widespread claims that the Authority has procured 12 state-of-the-art trains from Poland.

In an exclusive interview with Adom News, he clarified that, while the Authority acknowledges the need for an expanded fleet, they have, in fact, acquired two modern trains, dispelling the rumours circulating in the media.

Scheduled to officially arrive in Ghana on February 15, 2024, these cutting-edge coaches are poised to revolutionise Ghana’s railway sector.

Mr. Owusu affirmed that, the new coaches, destined for the Tema-Mpakadan lines, will go to numerous communities to alleviate the burden on commuters and also contribute to socio-economic development.

He said the advanced plans in place is to ensure the seamless operation of the trains, with operations set to commence by June 2024.

He underscored the pivotal role that efficient railway systems play in propelling economic growth.

The government of Ghana has unveiled an ambitious masterplan for the construction of 4000km of rail lines, signaling a commitment to the revitalization of the rail sector.

This undertaking is part of a systematic approach, with each project being tackled step by step to ensure the sustainable development of the nation’s rail infrastructure.

As the nation eagerly awaits the arrival of the two modern coaches, the focus is not just on the enhanced transportation they promise but on the broader implications for economic progress. The introduction of these trains is anticipated to be a catalyst for increased productivity, improved connectivity, and a boost to the overall economy.

With the operational commencement slated for June, Ghanaians are poised to witness a new era in rail transportation, marking a significant stride towards the realization of a modern, efficient and interconnected railway network.

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