Completed Projects

Between 2012 and 2013 the following construction works were carried out: Renovation of the Achimota, Asoprochona, Baatsona, Odaw and Tema Harbour station. A new station was also built at the Tema community 1


Newly renovated Achimota station

  • Reconstruction of the railway line from Asoprochona to Tema Harbour

(Achimota to Tema branch line from Eastern railway line)

In 2007, the suburban service from Accra to asoprochona was commissioned. In 2009, the continuation of the line was started. A distance of a newly built cape gauge line was completed and commissioned in 2010. The total track length built is 10.1 kilometers including platforms at Tema and asoprochona stations. Two diesel multiple trains units were also commissioned. The projects was executed by Amandi Holding Limited and supervised by the Ghana Highway Authority and the Ghana Railway company Limited.


  • Extension of the Railway line from Tema Harbour to community One

The projects was started in 2011 and completed and commissioned in February 2012. The main features of the project include , two platforms at halt at the fishing Harbour in the community One station , semi-automatic barrier  arm mechanism at all four level crossings. A track route length of 3.5km was constructed with an extra siding line at community one station. The project contractor was Amandi Holding limited and was supervised jointly by Ghana Highway Authority and the Ghana Railway company limited.

  • Renovation of (5) Railway line from Tema Harbour to Community One

Also completed and commissioned and in use