The unit has the responsibility of providing technical and administrative leadership for the efficient and effective performance of the Information Technology functions of the Authority in order to enable the Authority to meet its mandate and visions.



  • Provides inputs for the formulation of policies.
  • Ensures the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities of the
  • Ensures the efficient and effective management of the human, material and financial resources of the Authority
  • Ensures the effective development and implementation of strategies, standards, guidelines, procedures and processes on IT programmes and activities of the Authority.
  • Oversees the overall functioning of IT systems.
  • Oversees the development and maintenance of IT infrastructure of the Authority.
  • Provides inputs for the conduct of negotiations on IT service level agreements with service providers.
  • Oversees the development of effective and efficient IT security systems;
    • Provides advice and guidelines on the acquisition, allocation, maintenance, utilization, valuation and disposal of IT equipment of the Authority;
    • Ensures close collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the management of IT systems of the Authority.
    • Ensures collaboration with relevant stakeholders on database management interface on the Authority’s systems.
    • Ensures the development and maintenance of the website of the Authority;
    • Designs, develops and deploys IT programmes (software) for the Authority;
    • Ensures the efficient, effective and sustainable operation of the Authority’s automated system and its integrity
    • Oversees the implementation of the Performance Management Systems within the unit Authority