Ongoing Projects

Rehabilitation of the Eastern Railway corridor from Accra to Nsawam

The Ghana Railway Company Ltd is currently rehabilitating the Eastern Railway corridor from Accra to Nsawam (25 miles) or 40km. The Tema line from Achimota to Tema station - 16.67 miles (27km) was completed in March 2019. The Total length of track to be rehabilitated is 41 miles (67km). The Kojokrom to Tarkwa line rehabilitation is completed and passenger services commenced since August 2019. This was funded by the Government of Ghana (GOG) and Ghana Manganese Company (GMC)
The Government of Ghana approved the signing of a new 500 million Euro(USD 540m) contract between the Ghana Railways Development Authority (GRDA) and Amandi Holdings Ltd. This contract was signed in August 2020 and covered sections of the Western Line, including between Manso and Huni Valley. It also covered the conversion of the 30km convertible gauge between Sekondi - Takoradi via Kojokrom into a Standard Gauge line. It also included a new Standard Gauge line from Takoradi Station to Takoradi Harbour
In September 2020 the GRDA also signed a contract with David Walter Ltd., a wholly owned Ghanaian Civil Engineering Company, for the construction of a 6km Standard Gauge line from Kumasi(Adum) to Kaasi. Negotiations are far advanced to sign a continuation of the line with David Walters Ltd. from Kaasi to Eduadin. This is about 11km in length. In total, David Walters Ltd will have signed 17km between Kumasi and Eduadin for a contract sum of USO 143m.
Again in September 2020, the GRDA signed a contract with AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd. for a 65km Standard Gauge line from Eduadin to Obuasi, amounting to USD 419m. The contract duration is 36 months.
Laying of rail track on Tema - Mpakadan line
There are two mines on this route. The Ghana Manganese Mine at Nsuta is 64 km from the port of Takoradi and relies on rail as well as road to transport manganese from Nsuta to the port of Takoradi. Its preferred mode of transportation is by rail and it is the ineciency of the existing narrow gauge rail line, which compels it to use road, in addition to rail to transport manganese to the Takoradi Port. There is also a bauxite mine at Awaso, 239 kms from Takoradi. This mine has used the rail network in the past, but it currently transports all its bauxite by road to the port ofTakoradi because the rail line between Awaso and Nsuta, near Tarkwa is no longer operational. Opon Manso, which is also along the Western Line, has iron ore reserves of about 150 million tons. This is yet to be exploited. Cocoa is also found along the corridor in commercial quantities and before the collapse of most of the Western Line, cocoa was transported in signicant quantities by rail. The last time cocoa was transported by rail using the Western Line was in 2006.
Transportation of other bulk cargo such as: cement, mining equipment and petroleum will also benet from the construction of the rail line. Out of a total route length of 339 km, only 66 km from Takoradi to Nsuta is operational. The estimated investment required to construct a single standard gauge rail line along the Western Line is US$ 1,898,400.00. Front End Engineering Designs have been completed and Government is ready to appoint a Transaction Advisor to advice on the EPC Contractor and the Funding Model. Signicant proposals have been received including proposals for BOT and BOOT. The Western Line also connects to the Central Spine which terminates on the border with Burkina Faso at Paga.